Updating nutone intercom and radio system

In 2010, Nu Tone discontinued their popular IMA3303 Intercom System and ceased production of replacement parts and components.

Now, before you shoot the messenger, I have good news for those of you who own a 3303.

Here are the facts: The thing is, these systems were discontinued by Nu Tone for a reason… So give yourself a moment to be annoyed by what I just told you but then buck-up: You get to install a brand new system with all the modern bells and whistles!

We’re interested in hearing what you’d do with [Kyle]’s hardware, so leave your ideas in the comments.[Kyle] just moved into a new home, a 1970s abode that was very modern for its time.When the house was built, a home intercom system was installed.Exciting news for the music lover and those with discriminating audio tastes! The IM4006 was based on a new platform that began with the IM3003 in 1984 and that platform design was used through the end of 2006.The finest audio you can imagine in a home-communication system is yours. The IM4006 featured a cassette tape recorder that doubled as a family message center, allowing any user to leave a voice message for family members to listen to.

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