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Among the examples he cited were the welfare state, the monarchy, the armed forces and the actions of Britain on the world stage.

Mr Murphy concluded: "It is a fallacy to suppose that national identity can only be properly secured through a separate state."He said an official review of Holyrood's powers, conducted by the Calman Commission, would deliver a better form of devolution.

The red saltire's association with Saint Patrick dates from the 1780s, when the Order of Saint Patrick adopted it as an emblem.

This was a British chivalric order established in 1783 by George III.

An ICM opinion poll published yesterday (mon) found only 26 per cent of Scots consider themselves only Scottish, not British.

Set for release in June, the new batch of emoji - known as Emoji 5.0 - will need to be encoded by Unicode before being adopted by Apple, Google, Microsoft and social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Being passionate about Scotland doesn't make you anti-British." He said Scots were just as fond of popular British institutions such as the armed forces, the NHS, the welfare state, the BBC and Marks and Spencer.

Mr Murphy recalled a recent day out with his family at Eaglesham Fair in his constituency, where SNP activists were handing out small saltire flags.

The MSP – who yesterday protested in front of the library in Edinburgh brandishing a large saltire – accused managers of a "deliberate assault" on the flag and of trying to "purge" it from view.If you have any questions about the library you can visit the Library Desk which is open seven days a week.From here you can get help using the library and using the digital resources available to students at GCU.After its adoption by the Order of Saint Patrick, it began to be used by other institutions.When the 1800 Act of Union joined the Kingdom of Ireland with the Kingdom of Great Britain, the saltire was added to the British flag to form the Union Flag still used by the United Kingdom.

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