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The biggest lure of the amateur radio culture is that it affords the opportunity to meet strangers from around the world and socialize.

Before chat rooms and forums existed on the Internet, ham radio meet-and-greet culture provided the means for people to go on air and meet across great distances while maintaining anonymity and speaking in code.

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The station signed on the air on January 2, 2003 as KISS i FM, playing an alternative music format.

The station broadcast different formats throughout the day: 1980s music beginning at 7 am EST.

After earning the proper license, just about anyone can join the ham radio culture by purchasing or building their own radio system, which typically consists of receivers, transmitters, microphones, antennas, and roofing filters.

Ham radio enthusiasts do not operate in a bubble, although at first radio exploration is usually an isolated activity.

And finally, Christina’s leaves a businessman from Israel very frustrated.

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Within the timeline of radio, many people contributed theory and inventions in what became radio.

The idea of wireless communication predates the discovery of "radio" with experiments in "wireless telegraphy" via inductive and capacitive induction and transmission through the ground, water, and even train tracks from the 1830s on.

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