Mafia wars toolbar not updating rules for dating a derby girl

To find out if you've been signed up for it without you knowing, ask your friends to check this page for your name. You may have to restart your computer and/or clear your cache for the changes to take effect.Click this link to see which of your friends have gotten themselves signed up with Gamers Unite. If you haven't downloaded anything and you're still listed, contact them. I know its complicated, everyone has opinions on the issue, and no one likes to be called a cheater, so be nice :) And again, this is just advice for people who want to remove it because they feel the site is providing a ban worthy cheat or is undesirable to be associated with.

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When you install the toolbar, Click on the red dog in upper right hand corner. One of my friend mentioned to me that she accidentally hide my posts on her wall, and now wants them to be restored!so she asked me the method of unhiding friends on facebook.Sadly, Mafia Wars didn't give me the option to publish those posts to a specific friends list ... If you have a similar friends list you'd like to delete, here are the steps to do so.Naturally the Faecebook programmers decided they needed to change the layout once again on Facebook so these "how to" instructions are not completely accurate anymore - but the concept is the same.

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